Just arrived from the Architect@Work Copenhagen

Last week FITNICE® was participating in the Architect@Work exhibition in Copenhagen 25th-26th May along with other 135 exhibitors from around the world.

Among the products presented there was FITNICE® Antimony Free in our Memphis collection, a product that stood out among visitors for its variety of colours and multiple combinations that shapes allow us to create.

Under the concept “one floor, one canvas”, architects and interior designers could see in this product a new concept for they projects.

Another product was FITNICE® Marine, that apart from its variety of colours, it became very popular for its possibilities in nautical uses, being Denmark a plaintiff country for this type of applications.

Finally FITNICE® Wall was the third most relevant product for its acoustic properties. A lot of manufacturers of acoustic panels saw in our collections a door towards the manufacture of this type of wallcovering with a high quality product.

And with this exhibition we close one stage and open a new one. Now it is time to get ready for the next one improving our offers and products to fulfill the needs of our customers and the market.

See you then in Rotterdam!