Fitnice Composer is already available

From Fitnice we have designed a new tool for architects and interior designers that allow them to see real reproductions of their floor compositions.

Fitnice Composer brings inspiration while letting creativity flow. With a very simple usage, everyone can make endless compositions directly through Fitnice Website with no needing to install anything.

How it works? Fitnice Composer goes through 3 different steps:


In the first step you need to choose a canvas from among 8 different proposals, according to the shapes we have available for Fitnice Floor.


Once you have your canvas selected, we need to choose the suitable collection, Chroma, Memphis, Wicker or Panama, which include all the colours available.

By clicking on each shape, you can “paint” it with the selected colour and collection, creating multiple combinations. Using the buttons available, you can fill all the blank spaces or eliminate the guidelines.

At this section, Fitnice Composer also allows to export the composition in 2D, which generates a pdf file with the information from the samples that have been used for the composition. Or you can even see how it looks in 3D into 4 different scenes.


Finally, if you need inspiration, you can see different real pictures from each canvas.

Fitnice Composer has been thought as a tool to help everyone to see the endless combinations that can be done with Fitnice Floor.

You can access it through the following link:

If you need more help, please contact our sales and marketing department at