FITNICE® equips the best offices and workspaces

FITNICE® technical fabrics are suitable for any kind of office space. Excellence, passion and the know-how from Vertisol are applied to the development of floor and wall coverings with amazing results, allowing FITNICE® to arrive to every corner of the world to equip the best offices and workspaces.

Some examples are the Apple headquarters in Singapore, BASF in Barcelona or Greece, Macquarie in Houston (Texas, USA) or Microsoft offices in Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to the expertise on intertwining the warp and the weft in the loom, rich combinations can be obtained and applied to any kind of room.

FITNICE® products are characterised by the creativity of our designers, the brilliance of our technicians and the professionalism of the men and women who operate the loom.

But above all, adaptability is the most important quality: our atelier is open to talent and new ideas. Floors are converted to an imaginary canvas with multiple shapes that allow endless combinations, to facilitate the flow of creativity in order to make customised compositions.

You can read more about our projects and offices already made, at the website.